Cycling Jupiter Island


One of my favorite cycling routes by home is the road that bisects the Jupiter Island that runs along the Intracoastal waterway by our house. This must be the favorite of a lot of people on the weekends because I always get passed by at least a hundred speedy people in spandex on expensive racing cycles. Today I chose to ride my folding bicycle because it is very comfy, has lots of cargo capability for swimming gear and snacks, and is easy to lock up.

I had a comfortable ride up to Blowing Rocks for my first break. I came out to check out the water on the ocean side and to feel the calming effect of the waves glittering quietly in the rising sun.


Then I stopped at Hobe Sound Beach to put my feet in the water and eat breakfast. This is a popular stopping point for most of the cyclists and I see a few groups come and go while I feel the breeze and watch the fishermen.


Finally on the way back, I stopped at the Intracoastal near the bridge back to the mainland. The tide is high and water is muddy and cool, so I didn’t linger long before heading back home.


I also stopped on the bridge briefly to look over the Intracoastal


Altogether I rode about 22 miles and burned a butt-load of calories. Today was really beautiful – not too hot and not chilly. As you ride along the island in the mornings, you get these little pockets of warm from the rising sun and cool from areas that breeze through the shady trees. The gardening is meticulous and beautiful to look at as I roll by, even the properties that are using native plants (I would argue these are more beautiful since they are also full of bees and butterflies). At my slow speed, you can also better peek into the lavish drives and imagine life living on the beach.

I just want to mention one more thing here. The city recently converted our stretch of US 1 from a 6 lane highway to a 4-lane highway with wide bike paths on either side. This has DRASTICALLY improved my trip up and down to the Jupiter Island. The people in our neighborhood were so ticked off because they thought that it was going to make traffic terrible. Well traffic has not been terrible and the path is so much nicer than risking the car lanes or riding the side walks. Thanks, City of Tequesta!!!

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