Blue Sky Walrun at Riverbend Park


This morning I came out for a nice 4.5 mile walrun. The weather was perfect and the run didn’t feel too bad! I am definitely getting more endurance and the dirt track is easy on my joints. Here are some pictures from my day.


I also got to share the park with the Club Scrub adventure cycling group. It is always nice to see how much our city residents love our natural areas.


Finally, one of my vet school mates has noticed an interesting phenomenon. He tracks deer and has noticed that many of their worn paths travel under arcing branches. He calls these “hoops”. Since there are several deer in this park, I thought I would look for the same – lo and behold, there are some arcing branches over the worn paths into the woods at several areas. Here is another reference to this idea in this article talking about creating travel corridors for deer.

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