Looking for gators at Riverbend


In all of my visits to Riverbend, I still have yet to see a big gator even though I know they are there. Since it’s breeding season, I thought they might be getting sassy enough to be out and about for photographing. I headed out this morning for a walrun and alligator hunt.

I really do love this park for the shady trails, the even ground, and all of the wildlife. I didn’t get nearly the number of animals on film that I wanted (an eagle, many smaller birds, and a snake escaped before I could snap them), but today was still a good day for wildlife pictures. There were also a lot of joggers out this morning and a boy scout troop exploring the park.

Moments before a fish altercation that sent water splashing everywhere


So there were no gators today, but I had an even better discovery. I am down to 174 pounds! That is 18 pounds in almost 2 months. I can finally feel my body changing a little bit and hopefully in a couple of months, other people will be able to see the difference, too. Between winning some photography prizes, having some nice nights out with Jeff, and getting this discovery, it has been a good weekend. We went out to the Roger Dean ballpark and then Average Joe’s to celebrate.

I just love minor league baseball. The tickets are cheap, the atmosphere is laid-back, the weather is wonderful, and there are always games and silliness between the action for the kiddos (and the Jeffs!). Last night was Star Wars night. The players had Star Wars jerseys, the mascots were dressed in character, and there were activities, toys, and some gimmicks like levitating baseballs with the Force. We can spy on the scouts, and see the players evolve into the majors if they’re lucky. The players seem to generally have great sportsmanship, are charming with the kids, and I don’t have to grimace every play like I do watching football (it’s hard for me to watch the football injuries – both the obvious fractures/ACL/concussions, and the likely under-diagnosed injuries). I also want to say that those baseball players are very tough – I have seen them get nailed in the shins with a fast pitch and they barely flinch! Anyway, come support our local minors and visit Roger Dean this baseball season 🙂

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