Here comes the rain


I had a nice walk in the neighborhood after work yesterday before I drove down to Boca for a small stage Edwin McCain show. The skies were blue and the atmosphere in the Funky Biscuit was funny and sexy all at the same time – that Edwin has some dreamy songs, but he’s also a big goofball 🙂

At the end of our street – so much blue!

Today I was hoping to get a similar amount of exercise and outside time before my next attempt to dodge a call-in. I woke up without my alarm near 6:30a and popped out of bed to try to get to the beach before sunrise. On my way out the door, I could see the storm clouds rolling in, but I figured I would get as much in as I could.

I was using my new LL Bean Rapid River micro-chest pack this morning – I love it! It’s a small bag that rests comfortably off my shoulders and gives me easy access to my phone, camera lenses, water bottle, etc. It also doesn’t bounce around while I jog.

The storm clouds were rolling from the South quickly with patches of sunrise and blue skies in the distance. The waves are relatively high today as the tide is rolling higher to peak soon while the wind is blowing pretty hard. It is hard for me to not keep stopping to take pictures – it is so pretty out!

I only made it a mile out before I could tell it was going to rain very soon, so I turned around and made it back to the car less than a minute before it started to spit big, plopping raindrops. It wasn’t pouring yet and the intracoastal looked inviting, so I pulled over on my way to the bridge to wade in the water a bit. Even though it is windy with a current, the water is very clear and perfectly temperate. I waded up to my thighs downstream until it started to legitimately pour. The way back was ten times as difficult as I pushed against the current, wind, and driving rain – great leg workout! Maybe I’ll do this tomorrow if it can be sans rain.

The water is so clear
Storms are rolling in. Looking at the Fiat from the middle of the waterway.
Walking North
How the other half lives
Looking North
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