Myakka River trip, day 3


Oscar Scherer State Park

Today, I made plans to explore a couple of local state parks and then go snorkeling in Sarasota. My first stop was at Oscar Scherer State Park. This was the other park that I was deciding between for my camping trip. While it’s a nice little park with very pretty little camp sites, I definitely chose well with the Myakka River State Park and the campsite location – I loved it so much that I hope to stay there again for a weekend next year during birding/flower season. Today ended up being more about flower and bug pictures than landscapes, so get ready!

Nice little beach area
Nice camp sites with electric and clotheslines
Even the bathrooms are nice!

There was also a big festival going on this morning that was just getting going as I was emerging from my walk.

Visitor Center


After wandering the fair for a little bit, I headed north to Sarasota hoping to catch some good snorkeling along the beach at high tide. I was aiming for Point of Rocks on Crescent Beach in Siesta Key. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any parking anywhere close to where I wanted to be. Traffic was awful, the slim parking lots were full, and all of the nearby businesses had “NO PARKING” signs out front. I was super disappointed to have wasted a couple of hours in inching traffic without reward. Note to self – get to the beach sunrise early to get parking the next time I try this!


Little Manatee River State Park

I headed further north to Little Manatee River State Park for my next adventure. The park is small, quiet, but once you get into the hammock a little, it was cool and had some very pretty woodland areas. I walked a loop along the river and looked for a couple of geocaches while I was at it.


Lake Manatee State Park

I moved on to Lake Manatee State Park since it was on the way back down to camp. This looks like a very nice place for a day of fishing and drifting along the blue lake. Today, I didn’t spend too much time here since it was very hot and there was very little shade.


After a hot and sweaty day, I decided to head back to camp to clean up and relax a little bit. I sat to read for a little bit until the light was running out.

The sun was sinking low and casting a beautiful golden color over everything so I put the book down a little early to take some more meadow pictures with about 50 other photographers (most with much more impressive equipment than mine!).

Feeling nostalgic with my neighbor’s camper


Tonight is the last night before I head home tomorrow. I had a tasty fire-pit dinner with Nutella for dessert and I went to bed luxuriously early. The fireflies were flickering against my tent as I drifted to sleep.

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