Average pace “NOT MOVING”


Jeff was out of town so I could have a leisurely day doing outdoorsy things. I went out to the Grassy Waters Cypress Boardwalk Trail in the morning to take some pictures that might be candidates for next year’s photo contest. My mission this year is to get a good photo of a snail kite. From the looks of things, they may not be as active in the hot summer as they are in fall, but I will be on the lookout none-the-less! Today was relatively quiet and I had the trail nearly to myself. I didn’t see any snail kites, but it was a beautiful morning with good light for some pictures.


Along the way I also came across a couple of “pbc rocks” and a geocache 🙂


I was also pleasantly surprised to see my photos on display at the visitor center 🙂


I was taking my time today so I was walking much slower than usual and stopping often to take pictures. I had my Mapmyfitness app running to see how far I walked and it gives an audio alert every mile. At the first mile, it said, “Total distance, one mile. Total time, one hour and 15 minutes. Average pace, not moving”. It made me laugh out loud – felt like a very passive aggressive suggestion to get my butt moving a little faster.


Phil Foster Park

After Grassy Waters, I headed over to Blue Heron Bridge for snorkeling. It was the perfect time : weekday, early enough to be able to find a place to park, the trail wasn’t too crowded, and the sun was lighting up the reef for good pictures.

There is a new sculpture in the reef trail – the red eyes give it a possessed look!

These hammerhead shark sculptures get my heart racing a little when I see them in the distance from the corner of my eye – I have to remind myself they aren’t real!

These little guys were following me up and down the trail 🙂

This enormous puffer fish has a head the size of a volleyball! It’s so cute 🙂

These black and white striped fish are the size of dinner plates!

This fish is a stone fish and is apparently one of the most poisonous fish in the world! If he envenomates you, you could be dead within an hour. Geez! Good thing they only act in defense and that I wasn’t close to stepping on it.

By the time I made a couple of passes over the reef, the crowd had grown and the scuba divers were stirring up the silt to cloud the water. Time to head home and take the beagles for a walk.

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