Everyone is used to my pictures of veggies and flowers from the garden. While those things are beautiful, I think they get kind of boring after a while. I wanted to add something whimsical to the pictures that can still highlight the scenery and natural beauty while also adding an element of fun and interest. I considered a few options like a Barbie (too many outfits and accessories), a gnome or troll (not really my thing), a black cat or beagle, etc. I ultimately landed on dinosaurs. I have always loved dinos and had dinosaur toys as a kid. I knew that I would have the most fun with dinos and Florida has kind of a natural prehistoric look AND dino toys are cheap and awesome looking. So, ultimately an easy choice. Now I might have a couple of dinos in my bag for whatever adventure I might be heading to next. Here are some of my favorites:

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An army of dinos ready to start posing!


Some of the first scenes taken from the yard – spinosaurus on the crazy mushrooms and Pterodactyl flying over the orchids


The dinos will sometimes interact with wildlife

Stegosaurus rescuing a lost monarch caterpillar
Attack of the lubber grasshopper!
Watch out little fish! The dunkleosteus is coming for you!
The squirrel was hoping this dino would be a tasty snack


The beach provides great scenery for some marvelous dino pics!

T-rex hunting the spinosaurus at Coral Cove
T-rex versus carnotaurus in the beach flora
T-rex raiding a carnotaurus nest (actually broken sea turtle eggs)
Crew portrait with T-rex, velociraptor, and two spinosaurus
Moments before she was swallowed up by a wave and carried out to sea. Fortunately she only costs $10, so Amazon delivered a new one the next week.
One of my favorites – looks like an epic sunrise over a large prehistoric lake instead of just a puddle over Blowing Rocks on Jupiter Island.
I also love action shots – check out the lingering droplets from the crashing wave


The dinos also fit into the Indian River Lagoon waterway on my snorkeling and floating adventures

Lots of cave-like crevices in the rocks under the Beach Road Bridge

Ptyerodactyl reminds me of the cormorants and anhingas that sun themselves on the rocks


The dinos also come with me on my state and local park adventures. Part of the fun for those that know the parks well, is trying to figure out where the vignettes take place.

Along the Cypress Boardwalk in Grassy Waters Preserve
On the lily pads at Grassy Waters – hoping a gator isn’t lurking underneath!

Scenes from neighborhood walks, Riverbend, Mounts Botanical Gardens, and miscellaneous Florida State Parks

I love these cute puppy dog dinos. They looks like happy beagle buddies ­čÖé

T-rex loves flowers


The dinos also love to have a good time and be a little silly (you can thank Jeff for most of the silliness)

Follow the dino pics on Instagram at #forvioletandthecousins


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