Join me in our Florida adventures!

A photo of the Florida State Park Passport book

For Christmas, I received the Florida Park Service Passport book.  This $17.99 investment, along with my $120 Florida State Parks family pass will take me all over the state in what I hope will be a tremendous adventure full of natural beauty, animals of all sorts, and interesting people.

Florida is home to 3 national parks, 175 state parks, and countless city/county/ municipal parks and conservation areas.  Palm Beach County alone has over 100 sites to visit between the official parks and conservation areas.  It still surprises me how few people live so close to all of these amazing natural spaces and either don’t know they exist, or don’t bother to explore them at all. 

Planning a year of Florida road trips!

Along with my goals for travel adventure and entertainment this year, I am also training for a marathon from ground zero. These days people seem to be more focused on gym memberships, expensive experiences like theme parks, or just staying home.   I want to share with you how easy it can be to exercise without a gym and to have plenty of adventure on a budget.  Don’t take your local treasures for granted!